09 November 2007

Excited for a library

Word Nerd's a fan of libraries. Makes sense, given her avid reader status.

Here in the big city, the main, downtown branch of the library has been undergoing renovations. Big ones. Adding on to the building, shut down for at least a year kind of renovations.

It now will reopen in 30 days and Word Nerd can't wait.


First, there is a the practical side. The downtown one is closer to her apartment than where she's currently trekking off to one of the more suburban branches. Closer by many, many, blocks and literally, just down a block from her office. Guess where she'll be spending her lunch hours...

Second, this new library building is huge. Huge means room for books. Lots of books.

Word Nerd's a fan already and she hasn't even been inside.


Badgergirl said...

I love libraries.

Kelly (Lynn) Parra said...

A new and improved, not to mention big, library sounds fab!