26 November 2007

Book Banter -- Fool Moon

Title: Fool Moon
Author: Jim Butcher
Length: 392 pages
Genre: Paranormal Fantasy
Plot Basics: Harry Dresden gets another call to consult for the Chicago PD in a crime of the weird. Arriving on scene, he discovers a mangled corpse and evidence that a werewolf of some sort is behind the killing. Turns out, Lt. Karrin Murphy of the Chicago PD tells him, it's not the first gruesome killing of its kind and she asks Dresden for his help. Werewolves, Dresden learns, come in several varieties and as he unravels the case, he learns he's got more than one kind on his hands. Besting them all will take a ton of magic and all of Harry's cunning.
Banter Points: Dresden is his usual wise-cracking, cynical self. The plot is taut and exciting and it's interesting to see how Dresden has to improvise at the end to keep himself and others alive.
Bummer Points: It's only book two, but Word Nerd gets the feeling that these books are pretty formulaic. Not that the formula is so bad, she just wonders if they will continue to stay interesting through the number of them that Butcher has written.
Word Nerd Recommendation: A good read that doesn't tax your brain overmuch. If you are a looking for something to cut through holiday schmaltz, this could be it.

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Ruach said...

They get better as they go along. I didn't go bonkers for Harry and the Dresden Files series till Grave Peril which is the next book. BTW,you'll meet Billy and those young werewolves again but not in Grave Peril :)

If you get the chance listen to the audio books narrated by James Marsters. I never could even tolerate audio books before I tried Storm Front published by Buzzy Multimedia. What a difference the right narrator makes. There is a vast difference when the person doing the book is an actor who breathes life into it rather than just someone with a good voice.