23 February 2007

A new, er, trend

Check out this article by Slate.

According to this piece, the Internet and our penchant for chat/IM programs is actually helping resurrect the use of interjections because we have to type them out.

This is not, if you haven't read the piece yet, refering to IM slang like LOL or IMO, but words like "um," "er" and "awww."

Maybe you wouldn't spell* it this way but one interjection Word Nerd has used typed out is "eyhn" -- you know, for that nasally sort of sound of indecision.

Any interjections you type out?

*Speaking of spelling, Word Nerd will be taking part in the Winnebago County Literacy Council Corporate Spelling Bee on Saturday. This is her third year for this torturous event -- the nerves! The pressure! Spelling without red squiggly lines to let her know it's not right!
Ahem. (<-- see, an interjection.) If you are in the Oshkosh area and not snowed in come Saturday afternoon and need something to do, the bee is at 1 p.m. at the Oshkosh Public Library.


Prime Looper said...

So -- how did you do at the spelling bee?

DarkWing said...

meh, lol, hahaha, omg i crack myself up! :P