20 February 2007

Is Twain rolling over?

Word Nerd has seen several news stories about this new book, "Finn," by Jon Clinch.

Clinch takes readers back to the time and setting of Mark Twain's "Huckleberry Finn," telling the story of Huck's dad, known only as Finn.

A show of hands here: Who had to read Huck Finn in school? (That's twice for Word Nerd.) Who liked the book? ("Liked" here can be broad as in "didn't want to throw it across the room.") (Word Nerd liked it better the second time, but that's a very qualified liked because at the same time on campus, the theatre department was doing "Big River" and that's the way to tell that story. Sing it, instead).

Back to "Finn." The story about this book has been in Newsweek, USAToday. And the reviews are good.

As much as she didn't really like Huck Finn, Word Nerd just may have to find a copy of "Finn."

1 comment:

Prime Looper said...

*sheepishly raises hand*

I liked Huck Finn. Had to read it for my Master's reading list and it was oh-so-much better than reading "A Passage to India" or "Portrait of a Lady."