08 February 2006

When we last left our heroes

Word Nerd is trying to be patient.
This is harder than it sounds.
A quick scan at amazon.com yesterday turned up two forthcoming books by authors that Word Nerd really enjoys.
First -- Everfree, the third book and likely conclusion to Nick Sagan's debut series. Everfree was originally tagged to come out in Oct. 2005, but the date was pushed back for undisclosed reasons to May 2006. For more on Nick Sagan, go to www.nicksagan.com. In case you were wondering, yes, Nick is the son of Carl Sagan, the author of Contact and the "billions and billions of stars" guy.

Second -- Dzur, the 10th volume in the Vlad Taltos series by Steven Brust. Vlad, the crimelord-witch-assassin is back. In August. There's more info available about Brust at his website, www.dreamcafe.com.

Anybody have a time machine?

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Tolmek said...

No way! Another Vlad book?! Dangit. Why'd you have to tell me. Now I'm all impatient, too. :P