17 February 2006

Good Writing -- the First Link

Word Nerd has always intended on this blog to post links to things that are well-written.

So far, that intention hasn't turned into action. But that stops now.

The Word Nerd isn't really a sports fan, but Olympics are kind of cool and they do produce all kinds of stories. Word Nerd also like stories about science and this one combines both.

Legends of the Fall: Athletes understand the gravity of the sliding sports, by Libby Copeland, Washington Post.

Word Nerd likes this piece because it has voice. Writing a story about gravity and bobsleding is probably one of those pieces that writers dread because it would be so difficult to make it not sound like science textbook or so athletically technical that a non-bobsledder would never read it. This has some nice description to it and actually gives a non-bobsledder, or luge-er or skeleton-er some useful analogies for what that sport is actually like.

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