21 June 2011

Favorite Mystery Convention

What is your favorite mystery convention?

Is it red herrings? Stereotype detectives? Damsels in distress?

For me, it's the unreliable narrator. It doesn't matter who uses it, I fall for it every time. I love it.

And I just got took by it.

Even as the narrator was confronted and forced into honesty, I couldn't believe it. I was in complete denial until all of the facts were laid out, end to end, and I was forced to face the truth.

Even as it stared me in the face, I wondered, how in the heck did I get sucked in? It was subtle, with dribbles of hints that led me down a predetermined path.

It was a very enjoyable ride.

What is your favorite mystery convention? Or, if mysteries aren't your thing, leave a comment with the genre and convention.

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