09 February 2010

Book Banter -- A Darkness More than Night

Title: A Darkness More Than Night

Author: Michael Connelly

Genre: mystery

Length: ~450 pages

Where Word Nerd's Copy Came From: Indianapolis Marion County Public Library

Plot Basics: Former FBI agent Terry McCaleb is enjoying the quiet life with his wife, stepson and new baby daughter. But a sheriff's deputy brings him a case she can't untangle and McCaleb realizes he's still hooked on investigating. The vicious murder consumes him and he becomes obsessed with finding the perpetrator. Meanwhile, LAPD detective Harry Bosch is a key witness in the trial of another brutal murder. As the two cases weave together, two of Connelly's greatest characters come together one opposite sides -- one investigator, and one suspect.

Banter Points: This is the first of Connelly's books where he crosses characters together and he does it in a big way. Both McCaleb and Bosch are integral to the plot and reporter Jack McEvoy makes several appearances that also are key to the story. It was nice to see Bosch from McCaleb's perspective and how both of them reacted to Jack. It added layers of depth to these already complicated characters, while still delivering a great mystery.

Bummer Points: Connelly got a little repetitive with language, talking about the "darkness more than night" over and over. It lost its punch when it got repeated.

Word Nerd Recommendation: Word Nerd's still on her Connelly reading jag (about one a month) and this one was definitely better than Void Moon. (It was nice to see some references to that book, however, in this one.) This one is a should read because of the blending of the universes of Bosch and McCaleb and how they fit together.

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