15 July 2009

Guest Blogger -- Sean Beaudoin

Word Nerd is gratefully turning the reins over today to YA author Sean Beaudoin to talk about his new book, Fade to Blue. She's got a lovely copy of the ARC which she's looking forward to reading. In the meantime, as she tries to get her own writing back on track, do her real job and read through a friend's WIP, she's leaving you (for today, at least) in Sean's hands.

Take it away, Sean Beaudoin....

Hey, Fade To Blue is a book about losing it. Your mind, some weight, your best friend, your father, a conception of reality, and a dog. Where did the dog go? Hint: Don’t look in the trunk. There’s zombies. But for only about 10 pages. There’s Sophie Blue, possibly not her high school’s most popular student. There’s Kenny Fade, possibly his school’s owner of the coolest red Jeep. Sophie’s got a brother named O.S., which could stand for any number of things, like Outstanding Student, Original Sin, or Obese Sity. At least according to his cafeteria detractors, of whom there are many. O.S. has a bit of a weight problem, and is overly fond of comic books. He also has a big frizzy perm. Or does he? No, actually that’s another book. O.S. is bald. Shaved right down to the scalp.
Man, it was fun writing Fade To Blue. I hope it’s a lot of fun reading it. But I didn’t want it to be too easy. So, it’s also a puzzle. There’s a mini comic in the center that gives clues as to what’s going on. Or what’s not going on. I keep getting emails from people asking “Wait, so, if Sophie did this, did she do that?”
My answer is usually maybe. Which is guaranteed to annoy 33.4% of the reading public. But, as marketing studies show, the other 66.6% really likes to unravel the knots on their own.

WARNING: There are no vampires in this book. Unless you count wearing black lipstick and staying up late at night by yourself and maybe sitting on the roof while you watch cars zoom down the overpass at the edge of town.

My only piece of advice for potential readers is: BEWARE THE NURSE! You can’t trust a nurse as far as you could kick a lemon pie.

Unless your mom or dad is one, in which case they’re under-appreciated and underpaid.

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