22 May 2009


Word Nerd went to her first ever writers conference this past weekend. (And life has been really busy, which is why no blog until now...)

Mo*Con is put on by the Indiana Horror Writers Association. No, Word Nerd is not switching genres. And yes, it was still really fun and valuable.

The panels were good, but the best part was the amount of time left open for just talking to people. Word Nerd met several other burgeoning writers (is it pretentious for her to put herself in that category?), some published authors, a book buyer and a publisher. All in one day.

She's heard for a long time that the cons are the way to make connections and she sort of thought yeah, well, maybe someday. Not anymore. She needs to make time for the conventions now. Really. Even this relatively small one was hugely helpful.

And motivating.

Now, back to chapter 1 of the WIP.

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