23 March 2009


Word Nerd worked this weekend on finishing rewrites to chapters 27 and 28 of the WIP. She was really hoping she was past this point of ripping out sections and adding new, but that wasn't the way of it. In fact, this weekend, she wrote in a new minor character (!) to really bring the scenes to life. A little bit of back work will get this person into some earlier chapters too, until her big scenes in these chapters.

This new character isn't long for this world, but giving her a few scenes and a name keeps her from being a throw-away character. It would be easier to just make her a nobody, but doing that deprives the main character of some actions and reactions to a real character. Giving a minor character a bit of a personality helps to make the story feel less wooden and gives minor characters some bit of purpose and motivation.

Word Nerd knows enough about this character that were she so inclined, she could write a separate short story about her. One of the other minor characters from the WIP may just get her own short story because she won't leave Word Nerd alone.

The editing now is back on track and Word Nerd hopes to be done with this process soon.

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Beth said...

I would hope that the WIP actually gets finished someday so that I can read it. Not that I don't enjoy reading ABOUT it, but I would like to read the actual WIP. Other than that, I'm glad to hear that the editing seems to be going well for you! You are much better than I am. Of course, I've never actually finished any of the books I've started... So you are way awesome to actually get to the editing part!!!