09 January 2009

Beta Readers and the End of the Hiatus

Word Nerd's beta readers are starting to chime back in with comments about her novel. Word Nerd is finding this to be an exciting process, to hear what they had to say.

So far, they have made some good catches with a few timeline problems and some transitions that aren't clear, but overall (and not to get too excited here), they are responding positively to the book.

Word Nerd's taking a look at the book again herself and getting ready to dive back into full-on editing mode. She visited an old set of characters during the Christmas holiday just to keep writing. It was a fun side jaunt, but she's really ready to get back to her novel and the characters she's created there.

1 comment:

Brandon Barr said...

Very Cool :)
Sounds like your wise readers like what they read. That's got to be encouraging after all the hard work.