05 March 2008

First Edits

Word Nerd's hopping on a jet plane tomorrow for a few days of vacation, but it won't be a vacation from writing.

With her on the plane she is taking the printed out copy of her latest WIP, all 381 rough draft pages.
The plan is to read said manuscript. Word Nerd hasn't read the book the whole way through (she never does while writing) and so now it's time to make sure it hangs together before passing it on to some wonderful writing buddies who will give her an honest opinion of it. But before they get it, Word Nerd needs to determine if there are any missing scenes, problems with the timeline (she's pretty sure the story starts in the fall and then becomes summer later...) and any other major problems like that.
Once back from the trip, Word Nerd will be back in front of the keyboard. She's enjoyed her respite from it since this weekend, a chance to recharge the imagination and give her overworked typing fingers a break!

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