08 October 2007

Character Study -- Chuck Bartowski

Word Nerd has admitted in the past how she does put down the book from time to time to watch TV shows. Particularly in the fall, when the new crop of shows comes on.

And one of this fall's new ones provides a good look at another character archetype.

Chuck from the NBC show "Chuck" is a good example of the everyman character.
The everyman type (originally coined from an English morality play) is supposed to be just as the name describes -- a character that anybody can relate to.

That's Chuck: average guy with a humdrum job, trouble finding dates, a quirky best friend, a somewhat meddling sister. In the story, of course, Chuck comes into the possession of government secrets, which is admittedly not very ordinary, but he's not suddenly a James Bond. He still is trying to live his average life and not being very suave with the whole secret-agent thing.
Chuck works as an everyman character, Word Nerd thinks, because many people have probably thought (after watching a James Bond movie, or Alias episode etc.) that they would make a good spy if called upon to do that. Chuck, naturally, remains just as geeky as a quasi-secret-agent as he was before.
Just like most of us would be.

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Kelly (Lynn) Parra said...

I like those types of stories involving the average joe. I'm going to have to check out Chuck!