08 August 2007


Word Nerd likes (ok, loves and relies on) the hold system at the library.

That said sometimes this happens.

This afternoon she discovers that the copy of Jasper Fforde's "First Among Sequels," the fifth and newest book in his Thursday Next series that she's had on hold since May before the book ever came out is ready for her to pick up.

This should cause glee.

Except for this.

She's only 150 pages into Jacqueline Carey's fascinating and captivating "Kushiel's Dart" (which is 700 pages long with small-ish print).
So what to do? Stop reading Carey for Fforde? The Fforde book is two-weeks only and Carey has the option of renewing which makes it Septemeber before Word Nerd has to take it back. If she stops reading the Carey book, will she remember all the political intrigue going on?
This is the dilemma of a bibliophile.
Who else grapples with this?


Mlle. Librarian said...

Heh, no advice here. I just wanted to let you know that I feel your pain. The hold system is my best friend too, but more often than not it turns around and bites me in the knee.

Anonymous said...

Well, if you check my currently reading list, you'll see I did the only thing possible: I started the 2nd book and will juggle two at once.