29 March 2007

Fessing Up

If you were reading the blog around this time last year, you might recall that Word Nerd launched into writing a novel about this time last spring.

Throughout the summer there were Work-in-Progress updates, a word meter tracking word count. In August, the grand news that the first rough draft was done. It was all very exciting.

You may have also noticed that lately (as in the last three months) Word Nerd hasn't really talked about the WIP.

The cold truth is this: She got stuck in revisions in the middle. There are big, complicated plot problems that require several chapters to be yanked and shredded. The problem is, if Word Nerd yanks that section, she doesn't know what goes in there instead and how to then make the beginning match up with the end.

So the WIP is sitting in a binder, presently, collecting dust. And hopefully waiting for a flash of inspiration.

Meanwhile, there's another story in the works. A second WIP if you will.

While the first one's sitting, this one is still (knock on wood) going well.

1 comment:

Page Smith said...

It happens. A little time away may allow your mind to relax and open itself up to more subconscious possibilities.

But don't forget about it. I have a few manuscripts sitting on my bookshelf in binders. I have a real sense of accomplishment from the ones I've finished (successful or not). The unfinished ones I can't even show to someone because who wants to read an unfinished manuscript?

Just keep writing. That's the most important thing.