22 December 2005

Please use "insipid" in a sentence

Stuck, a bit, perhaps on how to correctly use it? Or what "insipid" even means?

So were a bunch of other people in 2005, launching "insipid" into the number 5 slot of Merriam Webster's Words of the Year.

Merriam-Webster compiled the top ten words based on online lookups. Many of the words, understandably, track from the year's top news stories: At #2, refugee; #4, filibuster; #6, tsunami; #7, pandemic and #8 conclave. Past words of the year lists also show that the top look-ups are linked to the news. Just look at 2004 -- on the list were both "insurgent" and "cicada."

It could be interesting to see what words get a lot of notice in 2006. Word Nerd predicts the Olympics could have an effect somehow if strange sporting terms get thrown around. Mid-term Congressional elections next November also could be a place where some words are generated that get a lot of queries.

Any thoughts from fellow word nerds about what words could be popular next year? Or do other w.n.'s hope 2006 will be the year that people stop compiling these insipid "of the year" lists.

1 comment:

Stacie Penney said...

Terribly interesting that Integrity was #1. Makes you wonder why that was.

"Budget" should be on next year's list, since Congress has a different view than my household supports.