08 March 2010

Swept Away

Because of a contest, Word Nerd won herself a copy of Sara Donati's The Endless Forest -- the last book in Donati's six-book historical fiction series.

Because Word Nerd can't read things out of order very often, she went to the library to find herself the first book in the series, Into the Wilderness. Standing there in the Ds in the fiction section, Word Nerd gulped a little bit because the whole series is LONG. Like 800-pages-per-book kind of long. And there are 6 books.

But, Word Nerd plunged ahead and checked the first one out and started reading it yesterday.

At this point in time, she's 159 pages. She'd be farther save for the fact that she started reading the day after a big work event and was just too tired to stay up any later and that she had to go to work today.

Word Nerd isn't a huge reader of historicals, but early American history is a particular soft spot and this book delivers. Also, it's more than possible that after 159 pages, Word Nerd is nursing a bit of a crush on Nathaniel Bonner, one of the main characters. (Yes, she knows he's fictional. That's the whole point, right?) What's really got her swept up though is how full and vivid Donati's world is, from the layout of the village to the language to the details and the fact that there's a plot that keeps the book moving.

Sigh. Word Nerd's got to get back to work. So she can go home eventually and read more.

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