03 March 2010

February 2010 Bibliometer

Another month, another bibliometer reading:

February 2010
7 books
2,491 pages
89 pages/day average

14 books
4,455 total pages

Word Nerd did the math that if she's ever going to crack 100 books in a year, she's got to read 8.3 of them every month. So far for 2010, that means she's 2.6 books behind. 2008 was the closest year she came to 100 (with 98 total read). To get to 100, Word Nerd feels like she'd have to cheat and read lots of shorter YA or graphic novels or something that reads faster than a 350-page novel.

Sigh. She's got Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell waiting to be read. Surely, that's long enough to count as two, right?

1 comment:

S Penney said...

I gave up on that one. It was too Dickens-like for my taste.

Yes, I know. I read Jane Austen.