13 February 2009

My interview

Jennifer, over at Adventures of Badgergirl, was offering to send interview questions to fellow bloggers. Since I normally interview people as Word Nerd, I thought this would be fun.

1. What's the best part about your Starfish job?

The best part about my job at Starfish is getting to tell people about the great kids we serve. A lot of people write off low-income kids as all being headed for trouble and up to no good. But for the kids I know, that's not the case at all. They are bright and smart and funny and talented and happen to come from homes that don't have the financial resources. It's so rewarding to know that what I'm doing -- even as a fundraiser -- is making it possible for Starfish Scholars to get the kind of help they need and radically change their future and their family's future.

2. You left Wisconsin to move back to Indiana. What's your favorite thing about Indianapolis?

My favorite thing about Indianapolis -- wow, this is a tough question. Indy is a great city. There's lots of culture here, but it's still got the friendly feeling of a smaller town. I love the how accessible the arts are here, from the art museum being free to the First Friday gallery nights. Even though I'm a writer and not a visual artist, it's very inspiring. And, Indy's closer to home.

3. You're the Word Nerd. I have to ask a question about books. What's the best one you've read in the last year or so?

Do you know how hard this question is? In the last year or so, I've read more than 100 books, which is an insane number. If I go by my "Word Nerd" award list, the best book in the last year was "Water for Elephants" by Sara Gruen. However, during the last year, I've devoured almost all of Jim Butcher's Dresden Files series, and I have to say, as a collected body of work, those are some darn fun books -- mystery, magic, monsters, a wise-cracking wizard, how can you go wrong?

4. We admit it. We all swoon when we get to talk to everyone's favorite state Representative here in Oshkosh. Are you jealous I still get to hear his voice on a fairly regular basis?

If we go just on voice alone, perhaps a little bit. But when combined with all the stress of government reporting and combing through campaign finance records and covering elections, etc. etc., I can't say I'm jealous at all. I haven't met my state rep. here in Indy, but I'm guessing her/his voice wouldn't be as good.

5. In a fight, who would win? A T-Rex or 10,000 5-year-olds lead into the fight by a battle-hardened 7-year-old riding a St. Bernard?

Oh my. Where is the world did this question come from? I think this is a tough one. The T-Rex obviously has some offensive advantages, such as being able to eat and squash 5-year-olds. However, under the guidance of that kid on the St. Bernard, I guess it's possible that the 5-year-olds could surround the T-rex and do some real damage. On the other hand, I think I'm going to have to go with the T-Rex as the winner, because I don't think the 5-year-olds would really do well in battle -- I think many of them would be paralyzed with fear and unable to act after seeing some of their fellow warriors get gobbled up. Yeah, the T-Rex.

Anybody else want to play? Leave a comment and I'll send you fun interview questions too.

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