05 May 2008

New Scene(s)

Word Nerd spent some time working on the WIP this weekend and hit the first place where she discovered she really needs to add some brand new material.

So far, there have been some small scene overhauls (ie, take out all the crappy dialogue and write better dialogue). There's also been one short scene addition. But this... Word Nerd discovered that in the original of trying to speed up the action, there was too much left out that couldn't be hinted at well-enough in short flashbacks.

This throws the revision schedule off because before moving forward, Word Nerd's stopping where she's at to add stuff. The additions include 1. moving one character's private room to a different section of the castle 2. A verbal fight. 3. Likely another verbal fight, with a different character. 4. Some sort of a scene to better set-up the romantic plot line that appears in the next chapter.

Word Nerd realizes these additions are not just a scene, but more like an entire new chapter. But she also knows the WIP will be stronger for it, so it's worth it to take this little revision detour.

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Kelly Parra said...

Good luck, Bethany!!

haha! Verification: klip tie.