12 March 2008

That thing called editing

So if you recall, Word Nerd was hoping to read a bunch of her novel over the weekend while flying on airplanes.

Yeah, that didn't happen so much. Word Nerd just wasn't in the right mind set for it. It's nothing against the book. It was just that she was ready for vacation and her brain sort of checked out. And the binder she bought to put the pages in was kind of floppy as well, making it hard to prop on a lap in an airplane seat.

So, that thing called editing will resume this week, like Thursday, while Word Nerd needs to do laundry.

It's gotta get done, which means imposing the self-discipline to just do it. Word Nerd misses her Chocolate Cake Club for times like this. That kind of a reward would have been just the thing.


slpenney said...

I second the motion. Last month was so-so. This month hasn't moved yet.

Sigh. I need to start an reward and loss program I think.

Picks By Pat said...

Hi Bethany,

Have you considered finding a writer's group to share your novel with? I joined one in Kansas City and it helps a lot to be able to read a chapter and receive criticism on the spot.