01 February 2008

Book Banter -- The Kill

Title: The Kill
Author: Allison Brennan
Genre: Romantic suspense
Length: 407 pages
Plot Basics: Trace Evidence scientist and former FBI agent Olivia St. Martin helped convict her sister's abducter and killer when she was a child. Now, when she learns new evidence has freed the man she thought was the killer, she can't sit idly by. Olivia takes a huge risk and joins an investigation in Seattle looking into the disappearances and deaths of several girls in scenarios that match her sisters. Olivia and Det. Zack Travis make headway on the case and Olivia makes headway in opening up her life and her past to the charming detective.
Banter Points: This is an airplane book, all the way around. The plot moves and keeps you turning pages, but it's not a mind-bender by any means.
Bummer Points: Of Brennan's three books in the series, (The Prey and The Hunt being the other two) this one was not the best. All three were predicated on this group of former roommates (Olivia from this book, and her friends Miranda and Rowan) who all had horrible abduction/stalker experiences in their lives. Word Nerd just found in this one that it was too much to believe that there was another woman who lived through this and then became connected to the FBI.
Word Nerd Recommendation: The interesting thing about this series is how much Brennan's writing improved over the books. One was terribly choppy, two was spot-on and three was decent. If you like good page-turners that don't need a lot of thinking and can handle some sappy romance, these are worth your time.

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