29 June 2006

Harry Potter and Kicking the Bucket

The final chapter of Harry Potter VII could be the final chapter for Harry Potter himself.

News in the boy wizard's book world is that two characters aren't going to survive book 7 and that H.P. himself may be in deadly danger.

The full story about J.K. Rowling's admissions about dead characters can be found here.

So Word Nerd doesn't really want to open this up for discussion on should-or-shouldn't-Harry-be-killed-of, so how about a tangential topic.

What book characters were you glad or sad to see meet their ultimate demise?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Harry should be killed. :) He's a great character, but that would really show the importance of the event. And I loved it in the Matrix when Neo died.
Oh... Yeah, not about that...
Uh... Sirius Black. I loved that character, and I was sad to see him disappear.